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Semen AnalysisSemen Analysis

A semen analysis is to assess the capacity of sperm to fertilise an egg. Two to three semen specimens may be required for an accurate assessment.

Instructions for Semen Collection

Before You Collect a Sample

Please fill in your particulars in the ‘Semen Specimen Chain of Custody Confirmation’ form for our staff to verify your identity.

Collecting a Semen Sample

Please read the following instructions before collecting a semen sample. It is important to follow the instructions step-by-step to get an accurate result.

How to Collect your Sample

(1) Wash your hands with water and dry them.

(2) Wipe the head of penis with saline swab, also pull back your foreskin and cleanse.

(3) No lubricants or soap can be used as they are toxic to sperm.

(4) The sample should be collected by masturbation.

(5) Remove the lid of container only when you are ready to collect the sample and safely secure the lid immediately afterwards.

(6) Please direct ejaculate into the container and avoid contaminating the inner part of the container with your hands or penis.

(7) The entire ejaculate should be collected.

(8) If any semen is spilled/lost, DO NOT attempt to transfer it back into the container.

(9) If any debris (e.g. pubic hair or thread from your clothing) falls into the container, do not attempt to take it out to avoid contamination.

After Collection

(1) After collection, close the container firmly.

(2) Please complete the second part of the ‘Semen Specimen Chain of Custody Confirmation’ form.

(3) Please take the semen sample to 1F (ART laboratory), Old Block(EF Wing) / 9F Andrology laboratory), Old Block (EF Wing). Please check your personal particulars with the laboratory staff before leaving.

(4) If the semen sample is collected at home, please take the semen sample to the above address within 1 hour. Keep the container upright while transporting and avoid shaking the container.

*If masturbation is not practical, you may need a special condom to put on during sexual intercourse to collect the semen. Please contact our staff if you have any queries.